Work Week for Payroll Calendar


Work Week for Payroll/Payroll Calendar

Payroll calendars are used to run payroll and to help pay out your employees on a frequency basis determined by your company.

  • Weekly –52 Pay Periods
  • Biweekly –26 Pay Periods
  • Semi-monthly--24 Pay Periods
  • Monthly--12 Pay Periods

The calendar includes pay periods, a due date (when payroll is due to be processed) and a check date.

In order to create a pay schedule, you must first understand a work week, which is also known as pay periods. Pay periods need to have consistent consecutive days. For example: If your company runs on a weekly basis, then the pay periods should consist of 7 consecutive days, 24-hour period with a recurring period of 168 hours. The work week should not coincide with the calendar work week. It may begin on any day and at any hour.

Here is a calendar demonstration on the pay period along with the due date and check date.

This one shows a Pay Period of 5/23/2022-5/29/2022

Due date of 6/1/2022 and Check date of 6/3/2022 for a Weekly pay schedule




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