Employee State Tax Profiles


Follow the below steps to manage your employees' State Tax profiles:

Adding State Tax Profiles via the employee profiles:

  1. Once the employee has been entered, you will land on the employee's profile.
  2. Click State Tax Profile in the top column.
    • Depending on the state your employee lives AND/OR works in, setup options will vary:
      • If the employee lives and works in a state that does not have State Withholding, the system will note that no additional information is needed for that state
      • If the employee lives AND works in a state that requires state income tax withholding, click manage to enter the employee's filing status for that state 
        • Be sure to Save your changes at the bottom of the screen
      • If the employee lives in one state and works in another, two State Tax Profiles will need to be setup for that employee 
        • Be sure to Save your changes at the bottom of the screen


**If you are unsure which employee is missing a State Tax Profile, follow the steps below for adding tax profiles via the Continue Setup steps below. 


Missed Entering State Tax Information:

If the state tax information is missed, you will see a message on the employee page in the top left. From there you can select that employees name and add the information.


If on the employees’ profile, there will be a profile status and if the state tax information is missed there will not be a checkmark next to it.


Managing State Tax profiles for existing employees: 

  1. Go to People in the left navigation bar then Employeesmceclip4.png
  2. Select the employee you would like to update
  3. Choose State Tax Profile in the top bar
  4. Click Manage to edit the employee's filing statusmceclip5.png
  5. Be sure to Save your changes at the bottom of the screen
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