Clearing Cache and Cookies

If you are running into an error message when accessing the application or if pages are not loading in the application the solution might be just the simple process of clearing your cache and cookies of the web browser! This will clear out any residual data that might be saved for convenience by the browser but, does not allow the page to load when pulling in newer information.


To start off you will need to find the settings option of your web browser and get into the settings page. From the settings screen you will want to locate the section that contains search data. This section will typically house the option to clear browser history, cookies, and other site data. For the two most common web browsers: Google Chrome it will be “Privacy and Security”, Microsoft Edge is “Privacy, search, and services.”


 Google Chrome:


Microsoft Edge:


Once you have cleared your cache and cookies you will just need to completely close out of the browser, re-open the browser and login to the application and you should be able to access everything you will need. If the problem persists, please reach out to CertiPay support at



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