Receiving an Encrypted Email

Below you will find a brief overview of the experience of external recipients with the Proofpoint secure portal (encrypted email). External recipients can be clients, client employees, vendors, etc. Internal users will not interact with the Proofpoint Secure Portal.

Upon receipt of an encrypted email from Vensure through Proofpoint users will see the below.



The receiving person will need to select the click here link within the email. Note, there is an expiration on this email 


They will then be presented with the following account setup page. 


At the time the client selects "click here" the system will send them a validation code to their email to enter the code in the yellow box. 

After the external recipient finishes their account setup and clicks CONTINUE, he or she will be signed into the Proofpoint encrypted email portal. External recipients can then respond to the emails they receive through this portal.




External users can also initiate encrypted emails through the Proofpoint encrypted email portal. By navigating to the URL external users can sign in with their username and password. This is something that was not available to use while using Microsoft OEM.

Finally, the below are security features that will apply to the user’s accounts:

  • Passwords must be 10 to 40 characters.
  • Complexity:
    • Contain at least one number.
    • Mixed casing.
  • Expire every 120 days (users change their own password or request a forgot password reset viathe portal URL).
  • Secure sessions expire after 30 minutes of inactivity.
  • Lock out: five consecutive failed login attempts will lock the user’s account for ten minutes afterwhich time they can attempt to login again or request a password reset.
  • Messages will expire/be removed from the user’s secure portal after 30 days.

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