2022 1st Quarter End Notice

The 1st quarter of 2022 will end on Thursday, March 31, 2022. In order to process your quarterly returns in a timely manner, please plan to make all adjustments prior to your last regular payroll run for the quarter. 

Prior to processing your last 1st quarter payroll: 

  • Verify employee social security numbers. Filing returns with invalid social security numbers will result in notices with penalties and interest.
  • Please update employee profiles for any employees that may have had a status change during this quarter.
  • Process all Voids, Direct Deposit Reversals, and Direct Deposit Returns for payments not due to the employee for the quarter.

Processing your final 1st quarter payroll checks

When processing your final payroll checks for the 1st quarter, please keep in mind that all checks dated from January 1st - March 31st are considered 1st quarter entries. All 1st quarter items must be entered before processing a 2nd quarter check date (April 1, 2022). 


Please note that any adjustments made after 3/31 may result in amended returns and will generate additional charges.

If you have received a SUI rate change for 2022 from any state to which you remit Unemployment taxes, and you have not forwarded a copy to your dedicated payroll support team, please do so immediately. If you have not received your 2022 rate notice please contact the state(s) to acquire the rate(s) for 2022, then forward the information as soon as possible. Thank you for your attention to these matters.



Your CertiPay Online Team

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