2020 Year-End News

The end of 2020 is approaching fast! We are sharing a few tips and reminders to give you a head start to avoid delays and streamline your year-end payroll maintenance. 


Time To Review Your December & January Payroll Schedule!

The 2020-2021 Holiday Schedule is available. You may need to reschedule your check dates and process dates for payroll. Please review your company's Pay Schedule(s) to ensure that your payroll is transmitted in time to meet payroll deadlines.

December 2020 Holiday:

Friday 12/25/2020 - Christmas Day

January 2021 Holiday:

Friday 01/01/21 - New Year's Day

2020 Final Payroll Deadlines

When processing your final payroll checks for the 4th quarter, please keep in mind that all checks dated from October 1st to December 31st are considered 4th quarter entries. The 4th quarter of 2020 will end on December 31st. In order to process your quarterly returns in a timely manner, please plan to make all adjustments, including manuals and voids, PRIOR to your last regular payroll run for the quarter. 

Bonus Payroll Runs

Processing a bonus payroll that exceeds your normal payroll liability could cause funding delays due to banking requirements. Some clients may need to wire in funds depending on the amount of the bonus payroll. Please contact CertiPay to make arrangements when transmitting a payroll that exceeds your normal liability.

Year-End Adjustments

All Year-End adjustments and special processing for items not previously entered MUST be transmitted no later than your last payroll for 2020.

W-2 Delivery Enrollment

Employees are now able to opt-in to electronic only W-2 delivery. Electronic W-2 Delivery helps employees get year-end tax information faster and skip the paper copy. Learn more about electronic enrollment in the below articles:

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