Before you can pay employees, make sure you've registered for the applicable work and live in state. This can sometimes take several weeks—the sooner you start the process, the sooner you'll have the tax account information required to pay them.

Note, CertiPay Online can put your account in an applied for status. This may cause additional monthly fees as some states do not accept returns/tax liability deposits for accounts that are in an applied for status. 

Tennessee Tax Agency

Eligibility Requirements 

Your company becomes liable for state unemployment insurance tax once the company has:

  • Paid $1500 in wages during a calendar quarter
  • Had an employee working at least one day during a 20 week period
  • An employing unit that is liable under the Federal Unemployment Tax Act (FUTA) and has at least one employee in Tennessee regardless of the number of weeks employed or amount of payroll

Register with the Tennessee Department of Labor & Workforce Development

Once you have employees working in Tennessee, employers are responsible for completing the Report to Determine Status Application

Once completed, the form can be sent three ways - email, fax or mail. 

Email Address (preferred method) - EmployerStatus.Rates@tn.gov 

Mailing Address - 220 French Landing Drive, 3-B Nashville, TN 37243

Fax Number - (615) 741-7214

Find your EAN - Employer Account Number

Your Employer Account Number can be found on the Premium/Wage Report, notices from the State of Tennessee or on your quarterly returns. 

You can always reach out to the state if you have any questions. 

Agency Website and Contact Information



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