Entering or Updating an Employee's Tax Profile

An employee's Tax Profile information can be specified when creating a new employee profile, or editing an existing one. This article describes the fields that you can specify when updating that section.

When updating tax information for an existing employee, from the Federal/State Tax Profile tab of the employee profile page, click the Manage button to display the Tax Profile page.  When finished, click Save.

Filing Status

Click the drop-down list, and select the tax filing status for the employee:

  • Single
  • Married Filing Jointly
  • Married Filing Separately
  • Head of Household
  • Widower with Dependent Child
Claim Dependents

Based on the number of dependents the employee is claiming, enter the amount to be claimed by the employee. If the employee has no dependents, you may leave this blank.

Other Income

Specify any additional untaxed income that the employee or the employee's spouse receives from other employment. If the employee is claiming no other income, you may leave this blank.


If the employee is claim additional deductions other than the standard deductions, enter them here. If the employee is not claiming additional deductions, you may leave this blank.

Extra Withholding

Specify any additional tax the employee wants withheld each pay period. If the employee does not want any additional tax withheld, you may leave this blank.

If there are only two jobs total...
  • Select the check box if the employee and their spouse are holding more than one additional job.
  • Clear the check box if the employee and their spouse are only holding one job, or is holding more than two jobs.


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