Entering or Updating Compensation Information

An employee's Compensation Information can be specified when creating a new employee profile, or editing an existing one. This article describes the fields that you can specify when updating that section. 

When creating a new employee profile, you can click the Compensation page, and select the desired earning type to display the other fields. 

When updating compensation information for an existing employee, from the Employment tab of the employee profile page, click the Edit Job button. From the Edit Job page, you can update the compensation information for the employee. 


Click the drop-down list and select the desired earning type for the employee:

  • Bonus - Flat Amount
  • Hourly - Regular Hours
  • Salary - Salary
Pay Amount

Enter the amount that the employee is to be compensated. The specified Earning determines how the compensation is distributed to the employee.

Default Hours

Enter the default number of hours that the employee is expected to work to receive this rate.

Creating a custom earning

Additionally, when specifying compensation information for an employee, you can create a custom earning for that employee, by clicking the Create Earning button. 

Specify the description for the custom earning, and then click the earning drop-down list to select the earning type. When finished, click Create New Earning. The new earning is added to the Earning drop-down list. 

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