Entering or Updating Employment Information

An employee's Employment Information can be specified when creating a new employee profile, or editing an existing one. This article describes the fields that you can specify when updating that section. 

Employee Number

Specify a unique number assigned to the employee.


Click the drop-down list and select the desired status for the employee:

  • Active
  • FMLA
  • Military Leave
  • Retired
  • Deceased

Note: This field is only displayed when editing an employee profile, not when adding an employee.

Corporate Officer

Select the check box if the employee is being hired or promoted into a corporate officer role. Clear the check box is the employee is no longer employed in a corporate officer role.  

Hire Date

Enter the date when the employee was hired with your company. This field is required.

Employee Type

Click the drop-down list and select whether the employee is a FullTime employee or PartTime employee.  employee. FullTime is selected by default.

Department ID

Click the drop-down list and select the department where the employee is assigned.

Note: This field is displayed on the Add a new employee page, to be entered when the employee profile is created. To edit this value, click the Employment tab and then click Edit Job.

Work Location

Click the drop-down list and select the address of the location where the employee is assigned to work.

Work Phone

Enter the work phone number assigned to the employee. CertiPay Online automatically adds parentheses marks and dashes.


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