Cancelling and Voiding Payroll

If you have submitted a payroll, but you want to delete your submission, there are two options available depending on your Pay Schedule configuration and the current date in that schedule: Cancelling Payroll or Voiding Payroll.

If your company has created a Pay Schedule in CertiPay Online, then each pay period includes a submission due date and a check date. This can be reviewed from the Dashboard page in CertiPay Online.

  • The scheduled Submission Due Date is the date in which you must submit your payroll. Payroll must be submitted by 3PM EST of the specified due date. This date is either 2 or 4 days prior to the Check Date, depending on the Pay Schedule.
  • The scheduled Check Date is the date when your employees will receive their check.

Cancelling Payroll

If you have submitted your payroll in advance of the scheduled Submission Due Date, you can cancel the payroll through CertiPay Online any time prior to 3PM EST of the Submission Due Date.

For example, a company has the below:

  • Due Date: January 26th 3 p.m. EST
  • Check Date: January 30th
  • Date the payroll was submitted: January 25th 

The above examples show that the payroll was submitted one day earlier than required, allowing a buffer window of up to 3 p.m. EST on the due date (January 26th) to Cancel the submitted payrun. 

To cancel your submitted payroll, do the following:

  1. From CertiPay Online, click the Payroll tab in the left navigation bar then Payruns.
  2. Click the check date of the payroll you want to cancel.
  3. From the Payroll Complete page, click Cancel Payroll.

    The Cancel Payroll window displays.

  4. Click Yes to cancel the payroll. The Payroll Cancelled page is displayed.

Voiding Payroll

If your company’s 3PM EST Submission Due Date has elapsed, you can no longer cancel the payroll, it must be voided. If you need to void your submitted payroll, you must contact the CertiPay Online Support Team.

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