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Welcome to CertiPay Online, your new small business payroll solution!

This guide will help walk you through finalizing your setup in the payroll application as well as act as an introduction to CertiPay Online's Help Center.

Let's start with first things first. When initially logging in to the application, you'll land on the Continue Setup screen. This page will reflect that our CertiPay Online Implementation Team has completed the setup for your company's Addresses, Taxes, Bank Account, and your User Profile. From here, you can begin adding your Pay Schedule and adding employees. If your company utilizes departments, we recommend adding these prior to setting up your employees' and/or contractors' profiles.

Additionally, CertiPay Online offers a Workers' Compensation module that accommodates policy setup for clients with or without PayGo. If you'd like your policy added to your company setup, reach out to a member of our Support Team by emailing

Now that your setup is complete, it'll soon be time to pay your employees! You can now submit your scheduled payroll or schedule a call with an member of our Implementation Team for assistance with processing your first payroll. Activating payroll reminders will help ensure you never miss a beat (or a deadline!). 

Need help? Visit our Help Center any time day or night in your browser or do keyword searches by clicking the Help button found in the bottom left corner of the payroll application. Enter your search terms and choose the article that best fits your needs. For additional assistance, click Contact Us and email our Support Team directly from within the application. Let us know how we can help and get you back to business!

Welcome to the CertiPay Online!


Your CertiPay Online Family 

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