Federal Tax Profile VS State Tax Profile

These tax profiles can be found on the employee's individual profiles. 


Federal Tax Profile

The Federal Tax Profile in CertiPay Online is where you can find the Employees SSN, Filing Status, whether they have two jobs, Claimed Dependents, Other Income, Deductions and Extra Withholdings. All employees will have this tax profile regardless of where the employee lives and works. 

The below reference material will walk through each item on the federal tax profile: 

2020 W-4 Form - Federal Withholding

Updating Federal Withholding

IRS Form W-4

The exemptions tab is where you can enter the exemptions the employee is qualified for. Note, if you select any exemptions on the employee's profile, taxes will not be recorded or calculated through payroll. 


State Tax Profile

The State Tax Profile is where you will find the Employee’s Marital Status, Personal Allowances, Dependent Allowances, Additional Allowances and Additional Withholding. This tax profile may vary depending on where the employee lives and works. If a state does not have state withholding, then you will not need to enter the state W4 information within the application. 

  • States that do not require state withholding: 
    • Florida
    • Alaska
    • Tennessee
    • Wyoming
    • New Hampshire
    • South Dakota
    • Texas
    • Nevada
    • Washington

There are also instances where employees can live and work in neighboring states. In this case, there may be reciprocity agreements between the two states. You can review these agreements by researching on the states website. Note, if an employee is remote, then their home address will need to be their work location. You can always reach out to your dedicated Support Team if you have any questions. 

Reference material: 

Employee State Tax Profiles

Company Locations and Addresses

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