Workers' Compensation PayGo

Pay-As-You Go (PayGo) Workers Compensation is a way to pay for workers' compensation insurance. Under CertiPay Online's PayGo program, workers' comp payments are based on actual payroll data rather than a pre-set budgeted representation of what you expect your annual payroll to be. 

Each payroll we will calculate the premium due based on your payroll, debit the premium amount from your company account, and deposit the Workers' Comp payment to the carrier on your behalf, eliminating huge up-front payments that traditional policies include and allow the business to pay into the account in real time. 


The Benefits:

  • Calculate premiums based on actual payroll data
  • Minimizes Year-End audit adjustments
  • Eliminates large down payments
  • Improves Cash flow


  • Summit - Bridgefield Casualty & Employers
  • Summit - Retail First
  • Summit - Retail Casualty
  • Summit - BusinessFirst
  • AmTrust
  • Guard



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