Before you can pay employees, make sure you've registered for the applicable work and live in state. This can sometimes take several weeks—the sooner you start the process, the sooner you'll have the tax account information required to pay them.

Note, CertiPay Online can put your account in an applied for status. This may cause additional monthly fees as some states do not accept returns/tax liability deposits for accounts that are in an applied for status. 

Oregon Tax Agency

Eligibility Requirements 

Your company becomes liable for state unemployment insurance tax once the company has:

  • Paid $1500 in wages during a calendar quarter
  • Had an employee working at least one day during a 20 week period

Register with the Oregon Department of Revenue (SUI & SIT)

With the state of Oregon, employers use one return and account number (BIN-Business Identification Number) to file for state withholding and state unemployment insurance. 

1. Within the Revenue Online Portal, click register and apply in the quick links box.

2. Under the registration box, click register for payroll taxes or a BIN

3. An instructions page will appear for review. Then click Next

4. You will need to enter your business's information. 

5. Enter your information.

6. Submit your application 

The BIN number will be available in your portal within one business day. 

How To Obtain Your Account Number Through ROL 

1. Log into your Online Portal 

2. Select More Options

3. Next to the Letters and messages boxes, click view letters 

4. Choose registration letter and select Display BIN

Local Tax Registrations 

Canby Transit Tax—the district is bounded by the limits of the Canby Urban Growth Boundary, an area including and extending somewhat beyond the city limits of Canby.

  • Visit the agency website to learn more and register—you'll need to download a registration form on this site. 

Eugene Community Safety Payroll Tax (CSPT)

  • Registration - If you pay wages to employees and your business is located in the Eugene City limits you must register and file with the City of Eugene—complete your registration through the MUNIRevs portal here.
  • Business location(s) and what it means
    • The Eugene CSPT is applied to wages paid to an employee working for and reporting to an employer located in the Eugene city limits—the key factor is the physical location of the employer, not where the work is performed, the primary work location, or where the employee lives.
      • Use the Address Look Up Tool to confirm that your business is within the city limits of Eugene and subject to the payroll tax.
      • For businesses with a physical address in the city, but multiple locations outside of it: no tax is owed for those hours an employee works at an employer’s business location that is outside the city, even if the employee lives in the city limits.
    • If work is performed in the city limits of Eugene, but you have no physical company location in Eugene, the earnings are exempt from the payroll tax.
  • Work from home and telecommuter information—see the important message below.
    • The payroll tax applies to all wages earned while working for an employer located in the Eugene city limits, regardless of where the work is performed.
      • Employees that work from home (or telecommute) or work at a temporary job site outside of the city limits (such as a construction site, client locations, etc.), but report to an employer/office located in the city, are subject to the payroll tax.
  • Employer tax calculation
  • Employee tax calculation
    • Employee Tax Rate chart for all employees who report to an office/company whose physical location is within Eugene city limits (regardless of where they work from). You can use this guide for how-to calculate the employee tax liability. 
      • If you're paying and filing this tax outside of CertiPay because you have one or more remote employees reporting to an office within Eugene city limits, you can calculate the employee tax liability, and set up a post-tax deduction for the amount of tax the employee owes—give the deduction a unique name so you can locate it in any reports you run later. Try "CPST" or "Safety Payroll Tax," and use that name consistently for all employees. 
        • This can help prevent you from fronting the employee portion of the taxes owed, or allows you to recoup the tax amount(s) after you've already paid.

Multnomah County Tuition-Free Preschool Program

    • Withholding is required in 2022—learn more here and then head to the Multnomah County "Preschool For All Personal Income Tax" dropdown below for additional information and instruction. 

Portland's Metro Supportive Housing Services

    • This tax has two parts:
      • An individual income tax withheld from impacted employees.
        • Employers are required to withhold this tax from certain employees in 2022—learn more here and then head to the Portland Metro "Supportive Housing Services Program Tax" dropdown below for additional information and instruction. 
      • A business income tax on net income—CertiPay does not support the business income tax portion.
        • Employers can pay this outside or through their CPA or accountant partner.

Sandy Transit Tax

    • The business transit tax is assessed on all businesses and is an employer-paid tax. Register for your account number, and then enter it by clicking the Taxes & compliance section and selecting Tax setupLearn more here

South Clackamas tax

      • If your business is located in South Clackamas you will be given a 4-digit tax ID by the South Clackamas Transportation District. Enter the tax ID by clicking the Taxes & compliance section and selecting Tax setup.
      • If you're unsure of your ID, call the agency at (503) 829-7000.

Wilsonville Transit Tax

    • Transit services are paid for by a combination of payroll taxes levied on businesses located in or performing work in Wilsonville (assessed on gross payroll and/or self-employment earnings). Register for your account number, and then enter it by clicking the Taxes & compliance section and selecting Tax setupLearn more here.
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