Closing and Reopening a State or Local Tax Account

Closing a Tax Account:

There may be a time when a company no longer has employees active within a state or a company may elect to move the business to a different state. In these cases, it may be time to close your tax account. CertiPay cannot close tax accounts on behalf of the client. It is important for clients to reach out to the state agency and work with a state representative to directly close accounts. 

After the account is closed with the specific state, you will need to reach out to the CertiPay Online Support Team - Please note, CertiPay will file $0 returns to the specific state agency until we have received confirmation from the client that they account has been closed. In some cases, some state agencies will automatically close accounts due to inactivity. However, the state will still need a formal notification of account closure as they may issue tax notices if not completed appropriately. 

Reopening a Tax Account:

It is important to reach out to the state agency to notify them to re-open the tax account. Depending on how long the account was inactive, the state may refer you to re-apply for an account number. A client can either process a new registration or CertiPay can for a fee! Reach out to your dedicated team for any additional questions.




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