Company Pay Schedules

Setting up your Pay Schedule helps you, and us, know when your payroll is due each pay period. We support weekly, biweekly, semi-monthly, monthly, and quarterly schedules.

Keep in mind that you can add multiple Pay Schedules for your company so you'll need to determine a short description for each. The description is just for you and can help you identify which group of employees should be included. You may decide to list just the frequency ("Bi-Weekly" for example) or be more specific with your entry, such as "Salaried Employees - Monthly." 

To get started, go to Pay Schedules > then Create Pay Schedule



From here, you'll need to enter the specific information for this schedule:

  • Description
  • Frequency
  • First day of the pay period
  • First desired check date

Once your Pay Schedule has been saved, you can add any additional Pay Schedules you may need before returning to setup.


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