Before you can pay employees, make sure you've registered for the applicable work and live in state. This can sometimes take several weeks—the sooner you start the process, the sooner you'll have the tax account info required to pay them.

Note, CertiPay Online can put your account in an applied for status. This may cause additional monthly fees as some states do not accept returns/tax liability deposits for accounts that are in an applied for status. 

Hawaii Tax Agencies 

Creating a User Profile 

1. Register online with the Hawaii Business Express

2. The site will ask for you to log in.


If you have not created an account, select the create an account link under the Log In box. You will need to enter your email address and enter your information to create a profile. 

3. This link will help you walk through the My Dashboard

Register with Hawaii Department of Taxation

The online registration process can take 2-3 days. If registering by mail, your request will be processed in 3 weeks, or same day if you register in person at a local Hawaii Department of Taxation office.

1. On the Hawaii Tax Online website, you will use Form BB-1 (found by clicking Register New Business License under Registration) to request a withholding (WH) account number. You may also add a withholding account on Hawaii Tax Online if you already have a login. 

2. Select the BB-1 Basic Business Application link

3. Select the business type your company is listed as. 

4. The screen will change depending on the company type. Enter your company information in the following prompts. Please ensure that all information is correct and up to date. 

Register with Hawaii Department of Labor & Industrial Relations

New employers in Hawaii will need to register online with the Department of Labor & Industrial Relations (DLIR) to obtain an account number within 20 days after hiring an employee. You should receive your account number and contribution rate by email immediately after registering. 

1. To register go to the Unemployment Insurance site - Unemployment Insurance Registration 

2. Click Get Started under the For Employers section. Note, online submissions are only taken during the below times: 

  • Monday - Friday 6:30 am- 11:00 pm Hawaii Standard Time 
  • Weekends and Holidays 9:00am - 11:00pm Hawaii Standard Time 

3. If you do not have an account created with this state site, click the Register for UI Account Number. OR if you have an account already created, then continue to log in. 

4. Proceed with the verification tool then click continue. 

5. The remaining screens will request company information; i.e FEIN, email address, mailing address, etc. 

If you can't locate your account number or rate, call the agency at (808) 586-8915.

Temporary disability insurance

Hawaii employers are required to provide TDI (Temporary Disability Insurance) coverage for eligible employees to help cover non-work-related injuries and illnesses. Employers can choose to cover the entire cost or withhold up to 0.5% of eligible employees' wages (up to the maximum set annually by the state) to share the cost of coverage. 

Find your Tax Account Numbers 

  • Reviewing notices received from the Hawaii Department of Taxation, such as the "Withholding Tax Return (Form HW-14)"
  • Calling the agency at (800) 222-3229.

The Hawaii Withholding ID number format is WH-000-000-0000-01 (or -02). The agency is no longer accepting customer IDs formatted as W00000000-00.

  • If you have a number that starts with a W, or if you are having trouble locating your withholding account number that starts with "WH" (for withholding tax) you can find your withholding account number by visiting this website, scroll down and click on Search Licenses, and enter the company name in Taxpayer Name and click Search.

If you don't see an account number that starts with "WH," then you need to register for a withholding tax account number (see above section).

Agency websites and contact info

  • Hawaii Department of Taxation (808) 587-4242
  • Hawaii Department of Labor and Industrial Relationships, Unemployment Insurance Division (808) 586-8915
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