How to Add a Check Printing Signature

If you elect to have Check Printing Services, you can now add your own signature file into the application. This feature is useful for:

Any users who process on behalf of a company who are not an authorized signor for company checks. This could be:

  • Internal CPO staff processing on behalf of Managed Payroll clients
  • CPA’s / Bookkeepers
  • A client’s payroll department
  • Users who do not have access to a touch screen device or are not comfortable completing e-signatures

Please see the below steps: 

1. Select Company in the left navigation bar then Check Printing. If you do not see the check printing options, then reach out to your CertiPay Online Support Team,

Attached below is a Check Signature Form. 


2. Click Upload Signature

Please note, that the image will need to meet the following:

  • png format
  • only include the signature (exclude the signature box outline on our check signature form)

3. Upload your signature file by clicking Choose File


4. Enter the printed name for the signature. 


5. Click Save Signature

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