What Do I Need For My Workers' Comp Audit?

Most workers' comp agency request audits yearly from employers, no worries we got you covered! The agency will most likely provide a time frame for which they need the reports.

The most frequent asked documents are Payroll Reports, that provide a breakdown of each employee along with their wages, taxes and deductions. They may even ask for tax packages, which contain a reconciliation recap along with a copy of all state and federal tax returns that have been filed on your behalf. 


These are payroll data reports generated by the pay runs processed within the application. 

1. Select the Reports dropdown from the left navigation bar. Then click Reports.


2. Select the name of the report that is needed.


3. On this screen, you can select a range of reports you would like to generate. Each tab offers a variety of options to fine tune the report you are needing like time period, pay run, employees and work locations. 

Time periods allows you to also go by pay run, current month, last month, quarter, year and date range. Enter the options for the chosen report and click Generate.




1. Select the Reports dropdown from the left navigation bar. Then click Documents


2. Click the blue download arrow on the right hand side of the document that is needed.



Once you have retrieved all documents necessary, you will be good to go! If you need further assistance, please feel free to reach out to Support@certipayonline.com and one of the team members will gladly assist!

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