Setting up your Company for Payroll in Florida

The following article is for clients who are setting up their company in Florida, whether they are re-registering a company with an existing account with the state, or if they are registering a new account with the state for the first time.

Florida Tax Agencies

  • Florida Department of Revenue - unemployment tax - (973) 248-2811
  • Florida Department of Revenue Account Management - account number - (850) 717-6628

Setting up an Existing Company 

If you have previously run payroll for your company in Florida, you must get the following information from your existing paperwork and forms. Once you have gotten this information, please contact the CertiPay Online Support Team to finalize your setup within the payroll application.  

Information  Location
Reemployment account number Florida Quarterly Tax Return (form RT-6)
Tax Rate Florida Quarterly Tax Return (form RT-6)

Once you add your Florida information in your CertiPay Online account, we work with a Florida third party vendor who represents us to gain access to your account, as the state of Florida doesn't work with individual payroll providers directly.

If you have questions or cannot find this information, please contact the Florida Department of Revenue or the Department of Employment and Workforce, when applicable.

Registering a New Company

If you are running payroll for your company in the state of Florida for the first time, you must register your company with the Florida Department of Revenue to obtain a Reemployment account and your unemployment tax rate.

For more information about registering a new company with the state of Florida, you can contact their department of revenue, or you can email the CertiPay Online Support Team who will help you register your company.

Troubleshoot CertiPay Online third party access (TPA)

If CertiPay Online has notified you that we were unable to gain third party access to your Reemployment account, this could be for a few reasons.

  1. Your account is inactive. Reemployment account numbers can be deemed no longer active if the activity of a business ceases over the course of 8 quarters or zero returns are filed for 8 consecutive quarters.
    • If your account has been inactive for less than two years please follow one of these processes: 
      • Call the Department of Revenue at (800) 352-3671 and provide your federal identification number (FEIN) and your Reemployment account number to reactivate.
      • Request reactivation on the Florida Department of Revenue website. Fill out all applicable information. 
    • If your account has been inactive for more than two years, please reactivate it online with the Florida Department of Revenue, ensuring that you select the Are you starting a new taxable business activity at an already registered location? box. If you have any questions about the process you can contact the agency at (800) 352-3671.
  2. A previous service provider has third party access to the account. You will need to ask your previous provider to close their account as their TPA access overrides CertiPay Online's attempts to obtain access.
  3. The account number you provided us is not valid. Call the Department of Revenue at (800) 352-3671 to obtain your correct account number.

  4.  The FEIN you provided us does not match the one you used to register for your Reemployment account number. Call the Department of Revenue at (800) 352-3671 to verify the FEIN associated with your account, then check to make sure this is the number you have entered in your CertiPay Online account.

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