Employee Self Service

Your employees can view their check stubs via Employee Self Service, an employee portal we offer. To enable ESS, please follow these steps: 
1. Go to Employees section 
2. Click on Enroll Now in the "Employee Access" column to the right of the employee's name 
3. Adjust Employee Self Service slider to "Enrolled"
4. Enter employee’s personal email address 
5. Click Send Invitation

Once the above steps are completed your employee will receive an invitation to complete user setup and access their ESS. Please note that user invitations are time sensitive and will expire. In the event that your employee did not accept the user invitation, the employee will need to be re-enrolled.

To revisit Employee Self Service, employees can go to auth.certipay.com


*Please note that CertiPay offers multiple payroll solutions. CertiPay Online employees will not need a company code to access their Employee Portal. If employees request a company code, please re-direct them to auth.certipay.com.  

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