W-2 / 1099 Employee Information Review

This is an important Year-End review step that will help you avoid not only the inconvenience, but the extra costs due to requesting a W-2C for easily prevented errors. A useful time saving option available to let your employees verify their information is providing them with a copy of their employee profile. This option allows your employees to quickly review their information and to provide you with any corrections needed prior to receiving their W-2.

Make sure your employees verify the following:

  • Is their social security number correct?
  • Do they have a current mailing address listed?
  • Have they had a name change or do they notice spelling errors?

Want a quick way to review employee profiles? Our Employee Summary report covers everything listed above and more without having to review the employee profile individually. The report can be pulled for specific employees or all employees by going to Payroll Reports in the left column > Scroll Down mceclip0.png


Avoid Costly Employee Information Errors!

Did you know that incorrect Social Security Numbers are one of the top reasons that companies have to provide employees with corrected W-2s (W-2C)? This is not only frustrating and time consuming, but the costs can add up quickly!



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