How do I add a Garnishment to my employee’s profile?

Once you have added the employee, you will be able to add the garnishment to the employee’s profile.

  1. Choose “Employees” in the top blue ribbon
  2. Select the employee name on the garnishment order
  3. Go to “Garnishments” in the left column
  4. Click the blue “+ Setup Garnishment” button in the center of the page
  5. Review the garnishment order and click “Choose Garnishment” under the corresponding garnishment type
  6. Enter the Case Details from the garnishment order

         *** For Child Support Orders, choose the issuing state from the drop down menu. We will submit the payment on your behalf.

  1. Press “Continue”
  2. Review and Confirm data entered
  3. “Save Garnishment”

**For all garnishments except Child Support Orders, you will need to send a paper check according to the remittance information listed on the garnishment order. State regulations require that child support payments be made electronically. During set-up, be sure to select the applicable state from the drop down menu and CertiPay Online will submit child support payments are your behalf. 

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