How do I add a Direct Deposit/Pay Card to an employee profile?

You have the option of adding direct deposit to new or existing employees by following the steps below: 

When adding a new employee:

  1. Complete the “Personal” and “Employment” tabs in the “Add a new employee” screen
  2. While in the “Payment Method” tab, click the drop down menu under “Destination” and choose the applicable Payment Method
  3. Enter Routing Number, Account Number, and direct deposit Account Name, if desired.
  4. Click “Next” and complete the process of adding the new employee


To add direct deposit to an existing employee:

  1. Go to Employees in the top blue ribbon
  2. Select the desired employee
  3. Click Payroll in the left column
  4. Choose Edit next to the current Payment Method

     5. Choose Direct Deposit from the drop down menu

     6. Enter the employee's account information, please note that the account number is on the left and the routing number is on the right:

   7. Save 


If needed, we offer a downloadable Payroll Direct Deposit Authorization form for employees enrolling in direct deposit - just click on the pdf link below. 

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