Creating a Pay Schedule

Setting up your Pay Schedule helps you, and us, know when your payroll is due each pay period. We support weekly, biweekly, semi-monthly, and monthly schedules. 

Add your pay schedule:

  1. Click the Payroll tab. 
  2. Select Schedules 
  3. Now click Create Pay Schedule
  4. Select your pay frequency
  5. Select your weekend policy preference 
  6. Select the first day of your first pay period
  7. Select the day of your first check date.
  8. Once you have your preferred schedule setup, click Save.

Now it’s time to add your employees to the Pay Schedule

  1. Once you have saved your Pay Schedule, click the “Employees” bar just beneath the Pay Schedule you would like to update
  2. Click the bubble to the left of each employee you would like to include in the Pay Schedule
  3. “Update Pay Schedule”


You can assign a new employee to a Pay Schedule while in the “Add a new employee” screen.

  1. Complete the “Personal,” “Employment,” and “Payment Method” tabs
  2. While in the “Pay Rate” tab, click the drop down menu under “Pay Schedule” and choose the applicable Pay Schedule for your new employee
  3. Click “Next” and complete the process of adding the new employee
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