SOC Reporting

There are some states that require employers to report occupations and wages to the state. Standard Occupational Classification reporting is a federal coding system that compares occupational data. 

These reporting codes are filed quarterly. Please note, amendments cannot be processed for incorrect codes filed in previously quarters. The employer will just need to make the proper adjustment for the following quarter to be filed. 

Within the CertiPay Online application, the employer will need to enter these codes onto the employee's state tax profile. 

Here are the steps on how to add them onto your employee's profiles. 


1. Select the People tab in the left hand navigation bar. Then click Employees


​2. Click the employees name you wish to make changes to. 

3. Go to State Tax Profile in the employees top menu. 

4. Click the blue Manage button to edit the state tax profile. 

5. Enter the Occupational Code for the employee

6. Click Save




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